Ladakh - The Final Frontier

There is no place in India like Ladakh. Shades of Tibet, Sikkim, Kashmir, Kumaon, Bhutan and even Rajasthan blend together to form this stunningly unique Himalayan Desertscape. It is one of those destinations a global adventure traveller has to tick off her/his list, at some point in life.

The Shey Bhumi, Ladakh, set in a seabuckthorn orchard closeted between the towering Stok Kangri range on one side and the ancient Thiksey monastery on the other, a mere five minutes away from the azure Indus river, offers a unique and private Ladakhi experience. Traditional willow and mud brick cottages, decorated with exquisite Tibetan hand painted furniture and adorned with the finest linen and drapes, with private verandahs and luxurious en suite bathrooms, are designed to provide every comfort while taking you back decades in time - where opulence blended with heritage, the Ladakhi way.

The ideal nest to base yourself in as you let us show you the many jewels of this wondrous land, in our carefully designed Ladakh itineraries. Its lakes, rivers, moonscapes, monasteries, peaks, deserts and above all - its people and culture. Ladakh is magical.